“You inspired wonderfully creative ideas for Jay (Perry) and me.  After you left, I sat down and wrote a new opening chapter and second chapter.  I carefully went through my notes from our discussion and said to myself: “Yes, that’s a great idea.  I can do that.  And, yes, there’s another excellent idea. I’ll pursue that one too!”  This filled a fluid morning of writing.  I know that Jay found similar inspiration for a slide show he’s preparing. I’m deeply grateful and look forward to sharing the results when we’ve polished them further.”

     Don Maruska, author of “Roadmap to Success” and “How Great Decisions Get Made”, master coach


“I have found that Ron, being a musician himself, has a strong understanding of the process of the creative individual.  His insight and ability to focus on both the creative and the practical has helped me deal with these aspects of my life in a holistic way that I have found extremely valuable.”

     Boaz Yakin, film director and screenwriter with such films as “Remember the Titans” and “Safe”


“Ron Helman applies his exceptional creativity to help you clarify, prioritize and achieve your most important goals.”

     Michael J. Gelb. Author “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci” and “Innovate Like Edison”


“Working with Ron has been invaluable. He has helped me identify the obstacle in my life, many self-imposed, that were keeping me from reaching my full potential, as an artist, a father, and as a human being. Together we have set goals, removed the clutter blocking the path to attain these goals, and developed clearly defined strategies towards achieving success. Ron has given me the tools to create opportunities for myself, and the confidence to really get after my dreams. I am a much different person today because of the work I have done with Ron, and I like this guy much better than my old self.”

     Justin Rubin, screenwriter


* more on request