I help people perform to their highest potential, maintain their personal balance and integrity, and prepare them to successfully compete in a challenging life/business environment utilizing my diverse experience as a teacher, coach, trainer, mentor, manager, and performer.




Ron Helman Business Coaching and Consulting, Owner

Santa Fe, NM, and Santa Barbara, CA, Savannah GA, • 2005 – Present

Provide coaching and consultancy services to senior executives and individuals. Utilize extensive business expertise, leadership, interpersonal skills, and creativity to improve their performances, expand opportunities, and enhance the quality of their lives. Trained to listen and to observe, customizing approaches to individual needs. Clients include James Genus (SNL band), Boaz Yakim (Writer/Director), Justin Rubin (Screenwriter), Mike Mainieri (jazz legend), and the Aniden Executive Team.


Ron Helman Jazz Ensemble, Band Leader
New York City, Santa Fe, NM, and Santa Barbara, CA, Savannah GA • 1966 – Present

Play classic jazz standards for concerts, events, and nightclubs.  


Mileshigh Artist Management, Owner 

New York City • 1985 – 1993

Managed top jazz and pop talent securing recording contracts, publishing deals, and world tours.  A few artists included Regina Carter, Rachel Z. Hakim, Alex Sipiagin, Billy Porter, and other New York talent. Produced an album for Columbia Records, Dance Beneath the Diamond Sky with Vacca/Moran under the direction of renowned A&R, Dr. George Butler.


The Juilliard School, Faculty 

New York City • 1986 –1994

Group ensemble and private movement and performance classes for second-year Juilliard students. Notable acting students to name a few: Wendell Pierce, Kevin Spacey, Laura Linney, Andrew Braugher, and Marcia Cross.  


Ron Helman, Personal Trainer, and Studio Owner 

New York City and Santa Fe, NM • 1980 – 2005

Created Ron’s C-57, a movement arts studio in Carnegie Hall, NYC, working with countless high-level entertainment and business professionals whose livelihoods demand peak performance. 

Clients included Sting, Al Pacino, Julianne Moore, Calvin Klein, and Ryuichi Sakamoto.



•  Performed Brahms Lullaby at the Antarctica gravesite of explorer Ernest Shackleton with guest of honor Neil Armstrong.



•   William Penn College, Tampa University and Westchester State University.  Classical trumpet/music major.  Music Scholarship Recipient.

•   Private Music Training.  Gerard Schwartz (principal trumpeter of the New York Philharmonic), Mark Gould (principal trumpeter of Metropolitan Opera    Orchestra), and Louis Opalesky (Philadelphia Orchestra), Bobby Shew (jazz legend)

•   CoachU.  Coaching certification, member International Coach Federation