“You inspired wonderfully creative ideas for Jay (Perry) and me.  After you left, I sat down and wrote a new opening chapter and second chapter.  I carefully went through my notes from our discussion and said to myself: “Yes, that’s a great idea.  I can do that.  And, yes, there’s another excellent idea.  I’ll pursue that one too!”  This filled a fluid morning of writing.  I know that Jay found similar inspiration for a slide show he’s preparing. I’m deeply grateful and look forward to sharing the results when we’ve polished them further.”

- Don Maruska, author of “Roadmap to Success” and “How Great Decisions Get Made”, master coach

“I have found that Ron, being a musician himself, has a strong understanding of the process of the creative individual.  His insight and ability to focus on both the creative and the practical has helped me deal with these aspects of my life in a holistic way that I have found extremely valuable.”

- Boaz Yakin, film director and screenwriter with such films as “Remember the Titans” and “Safe”

“Working with Ron has been invaluable. He has helped me identify the obstacle in my life, many self-imposed, that were keeping me from reaching my full potential, as an artist, a father, and as a human being. Together we have set goals, removed the clutter blocking the path to attain these goals, and developed clearly defined strategies towards achieving success. Ron has given me the tools to create opportunities for myself, and the confidence to really get after my dreams. I am a much different person today because of the work I have done with Ron, and I like this guy much better than my old self.”

- Justin Rubin, screenwriter

“When dialoguing with Ron I feel empowered and safe as I would chatting with a close confidant. He gives honest and well-founded feedback and is able to bring to light the core issue/s through cleaver metaphors and questions.”

- Tanmaya Bingham, fine artist

-“I am humbled and delighted with your contributing to our community Such ‘inclusiveness’ and insight gives me joy and opens new appreciation and depth.”

- Barb Seaton, PCC coach

“I have been meaning to write to you and let you know what a special person you were in my life and what a difference you made in my life. Your impact and imprint will not ever be forgotten. Thank you for that. I had so much fun with you as well. That was a difficult period of time for me. I learned there was much opportunity in difficulty. Thank you for being that person that did believe in me, because at that point I seriously was questioning my judgment.”

- Kristine Andra, entrepreneur

“Ron’s forthright and humor filled style combined with a commitment to authentic and empowering communication create a safe and fun coaching experience.”

- Christine Valentini, Oral Systemic Specialist

“Ron Helman applies his exceptional creativity to help you clarify, prioritize and achieve your most important goals.”

– Michael J. Gelb. Author “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci” and “Innovate Like Edison”

“Ron Helman is an amazing life coach that is in tune with the meaning of all that you do and can access your innate capacities of healing and wholeness. Through learning body signals and accessing your deep body wisdom, you are able to shift behaviors towards higher states of wellbeing in many realms.”

- Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, International Co-Director,Nightingale Initiative for Global Health

“I admire Ron Helman. He is a colorful mix of healthy ego and humility; of courage and compassion; He knows what it takes to perform at the highest levels and understands that human beings have their dark nights of the soul. As an artist, his taste is impeccable. As a coach, his insights are often original and brilliant. As a friend, he is honest, supportive, and loyal. I am richer for knowing him.”

- Jay Perry, master certified coach

“…She really enjoyed talking to you too! When I walked into her house on Saturday afternoon, she was talking on the phone and I heard her say, “now I feel better because I have a plan” and I just figured she was talking to one of her expert witnesses or similar because she was so quiet and was just listening, I remember thinking WOW this person must be really smart because Marian is usually doing all the talking! And sure enough it was a really smart person on the other end of the phone – YOU! I am so glad she will be continuing with you, you are just what she needs!”

- Tricia Priest, mortgage broker

“Ron Helman, Coach Extraordinaire, is the sun with a twinkle in its eye. He listens and listens. His wisdom spills out onto everyone in his presence. It is a deep and splendid wisdom that inspires his clients to think and take action toward their goals. He communicates through every cell in his body. And Ron’s cells are also musical. He’s not just your one note stand. Ron is the entire orchestra. He hears the music inside of every client and helps them sing their songs. It’s my pleasure knowing Ron and sharing him with the world.”

- Sheila Kutner, professional certified coach

“When I think of you as a person, I ‘see’ an extremely bright and eloquent person with a very pronounced degree of awareness about himself, his environment and the world. A person who loves life; this shows in everything you say (and do, I guess…from what I know). What I experience when you are coaching me: I feel heard, understood and each time you succeed in taking me to (at least) the next level; always showing the deepest respect for who I am and where I stand. You relate, recap, give me strong messages, and strategize (something you seem to just adore!) and you always succeed in creating a light and safe environment. Topping this all with a great dose of humor!”

- HeidiMarie Klein, life coach

“My coaching experience with Ron has allowed a quantum leap toward my authentic self. He has an uncanny ability to listen to the biggest part of me and help usher her into the world unapologetically while gently tending to the old identities I had constructed and held so dear as they break up and fall away.”

- Cathy Aten, artist

“Ron has an innate ability to “tune in” to me and my needs, an added bonus stemming from the musical talent Ron possesses. He has been an important tool for me to make positive long term life changes during challenging times. He has assisted me in realizing the double meaning of the word “crisis” in many Asian cultures – meaning both chaos and opportunity for change.”

- Greg Gombert, web designer, musician

“Ron helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel and more importantly, live within it – Thank you for having my back!”

- Michele Petri, singer songwriter

“Working with Ron as my Life Coach is a deeply enriching collaboration of mind and spirit. Ron listens carefully. Then, he brings objectivity, imagination, generosity of spiritand remarkable expertise, gained as a personal trainer and artist, to our sessions. Ron helps open doors to reveal new pathways. He makes visible a wise part of myself that helps me make better choices in achieving my dreams.”

- Judy Tuwaletstiwa, artist

“Ron is very approachable, with a true understanding of an artist’s life – a pleasure to talk with every session”

- Susan Donatucci, artist

“You were born to become a life coach. Your creative abilities, your intuitive nature, and your life journey thus far are a recipe for success–for you and those so blessed to call themselves your clients.”

- Lori Wagner, production editor, Thomson Peterson’s

“Working with Ron is a guilty pleasure for me. In sessions, he skillfully mixes enthusiastic support with firm challenges and helps me stay in the zone of learning and growth. He is comfortably attuned to my needs, and capacities. I am stronger and more flexible, in body and mind, because of Ron’s skillful coaching. My happiness, and equanimity are increased, because the dividends of my investment in myself, through coaching with Ron, spill out into all aspects of my very good life.”

- Jody Drew, educator

“Ron walks his talk! Because of his life experience as an artist, Ron brings a unique creative aspect to his work as a life coach. I have gained from his fresh perspectives and additional clarity on my personal and career goals. He has helped me transition into and actualize my dreams. Ron is a life coach of self-empowerment and possibility.”

- Pam Platt, artist

“Life coaches are an invaluable tool for creating a path in life, but some are better than others. Ron’s coaching cannot be reduced to a “to do” list. He generously asks big questions and then makes way because in the safe space created, answers and insights show up that are custom made. In his eight week tele-class I managed to identify and in many cases work through issues standing between me and my values. A life lived in values is, to me, the only one worth getting up for in the morning.”

- Caroline Huggins, teacher

“Life coaching gives one new perspective – the tools to create a “successful” life with practical ways to clear negative energy and blocks, establish boundaries and priorities, identify life values, and create clarity, balance and enthusiasm.”

- Marianne Hornbuckle, artist

“Ron has the skill of very wide listening. He can be the much-needed anchor while we, as students of life, wind our way around boulders large and small. Each hour I spend with him leaves me feeling successful in my quest for clarity and peace with myself and my way of being in the world, messy as it gets sometimes.”

- Cathy Aten, artist

“Ron Helman’s class has really helped me to focus on my goals and has given me the tools to work towards achieving them through very practical modules. I discovered obstacles I didn’t know existed. The chapter on money in his class was most informative and pragmatic. I highly recommend anyone to take this class.”

- Rachel Kennedy, graphic artist and music lover

“In a very gentle and enthusiastic manner Ron has literally “coached” me to keep focused on what’s important to me. I’ve run out of excuses of why I can’t achieve things. It doesn’t matter that the dog ate my homework. What matters are what strategies I can devise and subsequently what actions I can take to accomplish specific goals. Availing myself of time spent with Ron is one of the more loving things I do for myself.”

- Mario Moreno, actor, playwright


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