Sting or Stung


This week I took a driving trip to Denver to see Sting in concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The venue was Red Rocks, an amazing amphitheater just northwest of Denver. Sting and I met back in the mid-eighties where we began a relationship at my studio in Carnegie Hall called Ron’s C-57. I was his personal trainer for about 4 point something years.

I had arranged the usual tickets and VIP pass through KS Management Company and all was smooth and easy. I have been doing this for years and was looking forward to my yearly update and connection. Spending time with Sting as a personal friend is truly amazing not because of his iconic stature but the immediate level on deep communication.

The performance was rich and full of surprises, in addition to Stings personal ‘story telling’ with the audience. The Orchestra was a great enhancement to the beautiful arrangements and harmony to some of the most popular tunes of our time.

As the concert ended, I made my way to the stage entrance and was told to wait for Sting’s ‘people’ to take me back. About 20 min. had passed and no Sting. I inquired about the delay and was told that the Sting and the band left immediately after the last bow to beat the crowd back to Denver.

Standing there with a few staff and a depleted audience, I looked down at my VIP pass and felt a bit pathetic. I am more than aware that I am responsible for my feelings, but it hurt. I am also aware that the protection around Sting is very intense and the team makes all of the decisions. Nevertheless, much planning, time and expense goes into a trip of that kind. I had imagined a deep and loving connection with the usual ccomrodory highlighting the evening.

Having to navigate the voices within, the question arose… “If we are to live in the present, how much do we lean on our expectations?” I had projected a story line of how it would be and its value. The truth is, I have fallen back in the wake of Stings ship and it hurt. I also know from observation thats how it works for almost everyone. It’s the nature of the beast… “but not me” so I thought.

I did send him an email the following morning of my disappointment and I got an apology two hours later.

“Sorry mate, I thought you would come in the intermission.
I needed some sleep badly.”
sending love.

Things change and life moves forward regardless if your ready or not.

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  1. Val says:

    I feel your Ouch Ron!
    What a bummer …. and a great realization that life happens now – not what we anticipate in the future or try to recapture from the past.

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