I was invited last evening by my girlfriend to attend KIRTAN WITH PREMA HARA AT UNITY SANTA FE. Although the cynical Woody Allen wanted to emerge, I gave myself the permission to fully engage in the experience. Having an interest in the sustainability of centuries of ritual, I took notice of what keeps traditions alive.

First, a belief in something AND ultimately an agreement with others. The group that attended had a vested interest in connecting with a power greater than themselves. The vehicle would be singing, the playing of instruments, and chants written centuries ago.

For me, I did not understand the language nor did it matter. Sit, stills means sit to a dog in Japanese. What mattered is that I could remain free of judgement, intellect, and open to an experience. It has been my experience that chants (mantras), and trance could transport you from the daily experience of life to an elevated realm. Does believing really matter? Maybe not… but a willingness to vibrate and change energy collectively does simply make us feel different. Isn’t that what we are looking for?

Are we under the influence of God?

What was important to me was to allow the possibility.

p.s. they did have tee shirts and cd’s for sale… back in the day, did they have flat bread and sandals for purchase?    :)

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