Another lesson from my doggie


You know how it works… you walk in and your pet / pets come running towards you with waging tail/s and is truly happy to see you.

Why?  You’ve loved, cared and gone just simply crazy with affection and joy. Your little furry friend/s are void of judgements, color blind, and has no idea of what’s going on in the world. With full throttle enthusiasm, the treats coming flying out.

Aren’t we inclined to ‘lean in’ towards a smile and a wagging tail?

So when we want / need something, why can’t we express exactly what it is. How often do we just dance around it, never communicating directly.

Mia, my 15 plus shiba inu has never had that inclination. If it works for her, why not us?

Wouldn’t we get a few more treats?

Is it just that simple?



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