Drifting Into The Abyss


As I was exiting from Sam’s Club the other day, I noticed an older women. She had died her hair and was in her early seventies. As I rolled my cart of sparkling Italian water to my car and proceeded to open the trunk, she once again caught my attention. It was clear that she was lost, so I ran over to help her find her car… not an easy task for anyone.

“So what kind of car do you have”? Color?

I observed her drifting backwards into a lifetime of memory to retrieve a simple answer… or was it? Her outside awareness left and she was in the abyss of her universe. “My husband, where is my husband? He has the car.” She was beginning to panic. I reassured her that there was ‘no way’ that we would not find her car. She took my arm and I grabbed her shopping cart and we rolled onward. In the distance, her husband was waving his arms to attract our gaze.

GLORY BE, we found our ship.

As we walked on , a sort of celebration began as I loaded their SUV. When the trunk snapped closed… a pause.

The women and I locked eyes and she began to cry and thank me profusely. POW, my heart sunk and the flood gates opened. We embraced and we were kissing each other on the face.

She said, “I had a stroke.”

We had a hugh group hug and off they went.

So why did I notice this while others sped by? Our trio was in another time and space zone. All external sounds stopped. The world disappeared with only the three of us standing.

Is life so linear and horizontal… with the graph going up and down… good times, bad times?

In her eyes, I saw my life cycle and felt at peace with the return to forever.

My thoughts… I’m falling in love with an extraordinary women and my heart is open to giving and receiving the ultimate expression.

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