Are we really who we think we are?


I’m often amazed how we take ownership of our thoughts and words and that what we say and choose is truly ours. When I used to live in New York, I would take my usual stop at my local Korean store for some groceries and walk out singing some weird tune by John Denver. How did that get into my repertoire? Well, how does anything get there?

Our taste in music, art, fashion is all a product of our culture and environment and to think that we have an original idea or thought is a bit naive.

I was watching “Mad Men” the other evening and caught the phrase “see you later, alligator” and my response was “after a while, crocodile”. So much can enter our minds uninvited and often prove to be a detriment to our ability to find ourselves and be truly authentic.

Our parents have had a powerful influence on who we have become. Its 24 / 7 of constant input. We often mirror the good, bad and ugly of our childhoods. So how do we manage the material?

Although we have our own thumbprints, we get to understand and choose behaviors that serve us and others. We get to release the negative and produce the positive if we become conscious and willing.

Are you ready to let go, heal and be the loving being that you are meant to be?



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